Confido Racing has agreed an deal with The Rowing Foundation that gives back to rowing. We will, wth any sucessfull full grant from the Rowing Foundation, refurbish a additional SINGLE FOR FREE. Applications nees to be in by the 24th Febuary and we are happy to supply you with a quote for your application.



See how your Rowing Foundation grant will get you more at Confiido Racing.

Like new again

Over the years we have refined the process of restoring your boat to the highest level, we ensure that the boat is brought back to look and perform the way it did the day it left the manufacture.

Original or improved

When we are asked to restore a your boat to its former glory, we ensure that the work is carried to exacting detail, so if you have an Empacher you will get Empacher parts and paint, if you have a Filippi it will be Filippi parts and paint. If, however you want your boat to be better than it was we can do that to.

Request a quotation

We can provide you with a full quotation for any work you require. Please contact us on 07736069237 or email

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